Bali Shopping Tour

Bali Shopping Tour is one of the most popular Bali Half Day Tour Packages where trips will explore traditional Balinese villages for their arts and crafts. The tour will start at 8:00 a.m. from your hotel then we will take you to visit Tohpati Village, this place is very famous for the center of Bali Batik weaving and they painstakingly use dots and lines of wax to decorate the fabric. Our next goal is to visit Celuk Village, a traditional Balinese village located in Gianyar Regency which is displayed by a jewelery center including goldsmith and silver.

Then the trip will continue to visit Ubud Painting where paintings from this village are very famous with many painting styles. Our last trip will be visiting Mas Village, one of the villages in Bali that is fundamentally identified as an artistic village by focusing on wood carving. Then we will take you to a local restaurant to enjoy lunch and return to the hotel. The tour will be very convenient by transferring our personal AC car and to maintain your comfort and pleasant trip, our always leading professional tour driver offers the best service with the information you need.

Places of Interest will be visiting during Bali Shopping Tour :

Tohpati Village

Tohpati Village is one of the most famous Interesting Places in Bali where you can watch the entire Batik, the making process starts from the design, waxing, coloring and drying of materials. It's nice to watch Balinese paint on cloth, not only simple structured paintings but also very skilled. There are many Batik showrooms in this village where one can find original batik and the best batik cloth known as ikat weaving, Ikat means binding or binding, used as a name for complicated patterned fabrics. This is an ancient art from Indonesian tribes that has strong ethnic identification.

Songket is a native Indonesian fabric with silk fabric as a base, and patterned with gold or silver thread. Endek Ikat: Currently the name Endek has become popular throughout Bali, Balinese usually wear this cloth when attending or joining special formal or informal events, such as temple festivals, traditional weddings and various types of traditional activities held on this island.

Celuk Village

Celuk Village is a famous village in Bali as a tourist destination for gold and silver crafts. In the past, the residents of Celuk Village were mostly farmers. Rumors say that there are only three families belonging to the Pande caste who pioneered this industry. This caste is famous for their specialization in manipulating all types of metals to make accessories for Hindu prayers. As tourism became the main commodity in Bali, more and more villagers left their farms and began learning to make silver and gold crafts. In particular, in 1976, almost all villagers had become silversmiths and Celuk Village had been popular in Bali Shopping Tours with beautiful jewelry and other silver crafts since then.

Painting Batuan Ubud

Painting Batuan Ubud is one of the most famous Bali Interesting Places which is also famous for their art galleries both wood carvings, paintings, music and dances. Nowadays along with the development of Ubud as a tourist destination these arts experience rapid development in terms of style, tradition and production capacity. In the past art was probably in the sense of art for art, but today art is for developing businesses. Moreover, with the arrival of various designs from outside Bali, it really adds to the rich style and color of art without leaving the original character. Prices for paintings are reasonable and range from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 2,000,000. Most of the artists who work in arts such as carving, painting and even handicrafts are increasingly intensive in their skills and time. Some of the galleries and museums in Ubud can be visited at any time. The development of painting and carving in Ubud was led by the royal figure Tjokorde Gede Agung Soekawati, who initiated the formation of a Ubud artists association called Pita Maha. This association aims to provide consultation and assistance to artists in their efforts to improve their welfare. He also invited many western artists to live and work in Ubud and in 1926 made them involved in associations, such as Colin Mc Phee, Walter Spies, and Rudolf Bonnet. With these western artists, Ubud artists can introduce their work to the world outside Indonesia by holding many exhibitions. Pita Maha is the beginning of Ubud's rapid development as an art center.

Mas Village

Mas Village is one of the most famous Places of Interest in Bali which is very close to Ubud. Mas is famous in Bali as one of the main arts and crafts villages on the island. Where Ubud is the village of painters, Mas is the village of sculptors where some of the most amazing wood carvings are produced and have been produced for hundreds of years. If you want to buy Balinese wood carvings, you can buy them here at variable prices between Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 2,000,000. Carvings range from very small pieces that can provide perfect ornaments and furniture and to extraordinary intricate pieces that can be as large as 25 square meters and even more like large murals and door arches that are traditionally provided for temples and majestic homes royal and rich Balinese people. Mas Village is located in the same area as Ubud and can therefore be included as part of the Ubud vacation and is a wonderful place to stop by and look at the market and enjoy the beauty and tranquility needed by Mas village.