Bali Bird Park Tour

Bali Bird Park Tour is a Bali Activities Tour to enjoy the experience of visiting the best Bird Park on the islands of Bali with a diverse collection of Fantastic Birds and Birds from Africa and South Africa. Feel the excitement of being closed with Birds of many species and making this holiday unforgettable for you and your family.

Find yourself in the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and best Indonesian bird collection in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Covering two acres of botanical landscapes, this park provides protection for nearly 1,000 birds from 250 different species. Our innovative approach to the appearance of rare and tropical birds has evolved from traditional exhibitions to showing mixed species in their natural habitat & in large journeys in Aviaries and free reach throughout the park.

Bali Bird Park accommodates stunning flora with more than 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palm trees only and attracts many butterflies. Combining breeding, research and veterinary facilities within the complex, this park has a high success rate in the reproduction of exotic birds such as Birds. Heaven and Hornbills

Bali Bird Park Tour

What You Can See at Bali Bird Park

Join us for an endless adventure as we take you on a journey across the islands of Indonesia, Latin America and South Africa. Bali Bird Park is divided into several regions that re-create our bird's natural habitat, complete with native plant life and traditional artifacts for authenticity. Feel the native Balinese jungle bird and meet the world's rarest bird, Bali Starling. Discover Papua's exotic birds and one of the most comprehensive collection of Bird of Paradise in the world. Travel to Far East Indonesia, home to a series of amazing birds and the incredible Komodo Dragon, a giant carnivorous lizard that is a direct descendant of dinosaurs and rarely seen in captivity.


What You Can Do at Bali Bird Park

Take a walk within the boundaries of our giant walk-through aviari that replicates the natural ecosystem of Bali Forests and the Papua Rain Forest. The paths and bridges are carved through dense foliage where only filtered sunlight can penetrate the canopy of greenery overhead. Some strategic points have been strategically positioned to catch glimpses of free flying birds as they follow their survival instincts foraging for food, nesting and mating. This protected cage protects rare species from outside predators, while still exposing them to various aspects of life in the wild. Enjoy being closed with various types of birds from all parts of the Bali Bird Park.


Conservations at Bali Bird Park

The Bali Bird Park plays an important role in protecting and preserving endangered Indonesian wildlife. The Bali Bird Park has managed to breed many species, including the rare Parrot Pesquet and many Bali Starlings. We hold more than 40 species of Indonesian birds protected in this park, and more and more have succeeded in breeding under the care of our staff. The staff are proud of their new additions some of which can be seen in their incubators through laboratory observation windows & nursery buildings.


Special Program at Bali Bird Park

Within 2 hectares of the Balinese landscape and birds ranked freely, Bali Bird

Parks are popular places to :

arranged a special program for family gatherings

arrange special programs for family meetings

company program

group settings

special education for groups of students

other creative competitions such as photo shooting

annual meeting

Bali Bird Park Explorer

  • Bali Bird Park Entrance Ticket :
  • Adult : IDR 385.000/adults
  • Children (2 - 12 years): IDR 300.000/children
  • Infant : under 2 years of age are free of chargen
  • Price Include : :
  • Entrance tickets.
  • All bird shows
  • Government tax and service charge.
  • Note : Additional Charge IDR 375.000/car for return transfer