Bali will never fail to surprise you. One of the islands around the main Bali Island is called Nusa Penida. This island has gorgeous destinations such as Angel’s Billabong. This destination is known as the angel of Nusa Penida. You’ll find the most beautiful infinity pool here.

The infinity pool is a facility you can find in many hotels, particularly luxury hotels. But in Nusa Penida, you don’t have to book a hotel room to see and swim in an infinity pool. Besides, this infinity pool is totally different from the other pools.

How to Reach Angel’s Billabong Destination

This unique destination is located close to Broken Beach. It is in Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida. In order to visit this incredible billabong, you need to take some different transportations. First of all, take a speedboat from Sanur to Nusa Penida Island.

You are about to spend one hour reaching the island. The cost for this speedboat is about IDR 100,000 for each person. Once you reach Nusa Penida Island, continue your trip to the Billabong with a scooter or a private car.

Accessing the billabong by riding a scooter

Scooter is the best option for solo travelers who are interested in exploring the island by themselves. Scooter rentals can be found close to the harbor. The rental cost is about IDR 85,000. With the cost, you will get a scooter to rent, a helmet, and a tank full of gas.

Rent a private car and driver to explore the island

This is a much better option for those who are visiting the island in groups. Some hotels offer private car service complete with professional drivers for those who stay in the hotel. If your hotel provides this service, you can explore the entire island much more comfortably with your loved ones.

Explore the island with Nusa Penida Tour

The easiest way to explore Nusa Penida Island and access the famous Angel’s Billabong is with a tour company. Tour companies offer tour packages you can choose from. Pick a tour package that is going to bring you to some destinations you really want to see. Make sure the beautiful billabong is included.

Things to Prepare Before Visiting Angel’s Billabong

If you are planning to visit the jaw-dropping infinity pool, there are things you better know before booking a tour package to Nusa Penida Island. Write down the information below and you will be ready to enjoy your trip to Nusa Penida.

Book a tour package before flying to Bali

Visiting Nusa Penida and the famous billabong alone may be fun. But this billabong is a destination you can’t reach easily. By booking a tour package, there will be a tour guide who is ready to help you find and access Angel’s Billabong safely.

Ride carefully if you rent a scooter or private car

One negative thing about the billabong is the road infrastructure that is not properly maintained yet. Almost all roads that lead to Angel’s Billabong and the other destinations on the island are in bad condition. If you are riding a scooter or private car, you need to be super careful.

Visit the billabong in summer instead of the wet season

Don’t visit this billabong during the wet season. Visitors are not allowed to swim in the billabong during the wet season due to the beach being more slippery and the waves can be bigger. Also, the billabong area will be dirty because of the mud carried by the water.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

By wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, you will be able to access the billabong much more easily. You are about to climb up and down in order to access Angel’s Billabong. Don’t put on your high heels during your vacation in Nusa Penida.

Consider visiting the Broken Beach

This billabong is just 500 meters away from Broken Beach. If you are interested in visiting the billabong, add Broken Beach to your destination list. Usually, tour companies include these two destinations in one package.

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Watch your safety by not swimming too far

All visitors are allowed to get down and swim in the billabong. But since Angel’s Billabong is connected to the sea, the waves may come in and put you in danger. If you decide to swim, don’t get too close to the end of the natural pool. Be aware of any incoming waves.

How to Get to Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida

To reach this phenomenal tourist location, you must first cross from the Sanur Bali ferry dock.
You can use a speedboat that has been provided at the Sanur pier. The time it takes is only about 45 minutes of travel.
After arriving at the Nusa Penida Pier, you leave for the west side of Nusa Penida for about 35 minutes.
I also have a guide on how to get to Nusa Penida.

What to Do at The Angel’s Billabong

This destination is one of the most extraordinary tourist destinations in Nusa Penida. There are a lot of things you can do at this location. Below are some incredible things you need to put in your activity list.

Explore the best viewpoints

Before going down to Angel’s Billabong, you are going to see the billabong from the cliff above. Instead of going down directly to the pool, try to explore some viewpoints around the cliffs. But always watch your steps and make sure you stay safe while enjoying the views from the top of the cliffs.

Swim at the natural infinity pool

When you’re done taking pictures from some different viewpoints, take the stairs that will lead you down to the billabong. There, you can dip yourself in the refreshing water. You can also swim if the tide is not so high. Always be aware of the waves. Stay safe so you can visit the other destinations on the island.

Try to spot the manta rays

No, it is too hard for you to spot the manta rays from the infinity pool. If you want to spot some manta rays, you need to climb back up to the cliffs. From there, you will be able to watch the ocean that is below the cliffs. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot the exotic and natural view of manta rays.

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Nusa Penida Tour Service

Angel’s Billabong is a totally amazing destination that should be on your vacation list. To ease you in visiting the billabong and the other destinations in Nusa Penida, book a tour package with CanezaBaliTour. We’ll make sure you enjoy your stay and trip around Nusa Penida Island.

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