Nusa Penida has one extremely famous beach called T-Rex Beach. The original name of this beach is Kelingking Beach. You’ll find the beach on the island’s west coast. Local and international visitors make this beach one of their favorite destinations.

About Visiting Kelingking Beach in 2022

The beach has the most amazing view you can imagine. The white sand and spacious ocean are some extraordinary things you are about to see from the top of the cliff. Its blue color and big waves create a special exotism you can never find anywhere else.

How to Reach Kelingking Beach

The government of Nusa Penida renewed the road to reach T-Rex Beach. Unfortunately, there are still some big holes you can find on some roads. It is easy to reach the beach by riding a scooter. However, you need to keep in mind that the traffic can be dense. Always be careful once you are on the road.

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida Best View

If you are traveling with some friends, consider renting a car plus a private driver. The local driver knows the best road to bring you to T-Rex Beach and how to get there safely. The hotel where you stay may also offer a private driver who will bring you to some destinations.

Ask the hotel when you’re about to book a room and make sure the services offered by the hotel include a private driver to tourist destinations. The route to the beach is:

From Toyapakeh Harbor, take a turn left after the Sakti village. This road is going to bring you to Crystal Bay.
Take the first street on your right and then simply follow the signs. This is super easy and you will get some indications at all crossroads you’ll meet.
You will have to spend about 30 minutes from Crystal Bay or Toyapakeh to reach T-Rex Beach.

What to Do at Nusa Penida’s Kelingking Beach

Hundred thousand photos of T-Rex Beach on Instagram show that this is a super amazing beach on the island. Before visiting the beach, you need to learn about what to do when you finally arrive at the beach. Below are amazing activities you can do during your visit to the beach.

Enjoy the views from the secret viewpoints

T-Rex Beach has some different viewpoints. The main one allows you to enjoy the entire view of the beach. You need to visit the main view where you can fully grasp the dinosaur shape of the cliff. You will be able to see the famous T-Rex shaped views from where you stand.

From the main vantage point, there is a path that takes you down and leads you to the beach. If you decide to hike, be careful as the trail is steep. However, it is a narrow path and is equipped with a fence. If you’re not sure you can cross the trail, enjoy the view from the top.

Meet the actual Kelingking Beach

When you finally reach the beach, you will meet the insane waves. This is a shore-break beach with the waves always dumping and barrelling. The beach is not for novice swimmers. You should not start swimming if you are not sure you will be able to handle the huge waves.

Some strong swimmers can body surf at the beach. But once again, if you are not a strong swimmer, you should never dip yourself under the water.

Watch the magnificent sunset from the viewpoint

On the right side of the main viewpoint, there is a perfect spot where you can watch the beautiful sunset at the end of the day. you’ll find a worn path on the edge of the cliff. However, there is no railing along the path. You need to be extremely careful.

When you finally reach the spot, you will find a better place to get a much more amazing look at Kelingking Beach. Wait for the sunset from this point and you’ll never regret what you see.

The Best Time to Visit Kelingking Beach

If you choose to visit the island with a tour company, you will be visiting some destinations including T-Rex Beach, Broken Beach, and some other destinations. The best time to visit T-Rex Beach is before 11 am or after 3 pm. You’ll find fewer people at the beach and the viewpoints.

In the morning, T-Rex Beach will be in the cliff’s shadow. If you want to hike down to meet the actual beach, the best time to visit is between 3 and 5 pm. If your goal is to witness the sunset, you can visit Kelingking at 5 pm.

What to Know Before Visiting Kelingking Beach?

Unlike Diamond Beach, the route to get to T-Rex Beach is more dangerous. You will spend 20 minutes climbing down until you finally reach the actual beach. Make sure you wear good shoes before you head to this beach. Pay attention to any step you take.

kelingking beach Hiking trail
Hiking trail

From the beach down there, you will have to spend 30 minutes climbing up and reaching the cliff top again. Make sure you carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated during your trip to the beach and cliff of T-Rex Beach.

ADDITIONAL: Paluang Cliff

This is another vantage point or viewpoint just 5 minutes drive or not far from Kelingking Beach. Paluang may not be as famous as the famous Kelingking sight, but that’s part of its charm. This is a hidden place that gives you a different view of the cliffs.

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Other Nusa Penida Travel Tips
Looking for more information about the island of Nusa Penida in Bali? Get full information from us with travel tips, maps, photos, and more.

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Book A Tour Package to Nusa Penida’s West Coast

The famous Kelingking Beach is located on the island’s west coast. There are so many other destinations you need to visit in the west part of Nusa Penida. If you are interested in visiting them all without any effort, book a tour package.

Nusa Penida tour packages will bring you to amazing destinations on the island. Choose a tour package with destinations that you always want to visit. The West Nusa Penida tour package can be the best choice if you want to visit T-Rex Beach and the other surrounding destinations.

Nusa Penida Private Driver Tour Package

First of all, we inform you that there are many tours offered to Nusa Penida which give the lure of cheap prices but during the tour, they spend a lot of unexpected money.

So you have to be observant and smart in choosing a service that will take you to Nusa Penida so you don’t feel cheated and disappointed.

Bali Penida Tourism is a Tour and Travel company with decades of experience that has arranged tourist trips to Nusa Penida. With a full day West Nusa Penida Tour you can visit Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida with prices starting from IDR 600,000 (USD 46). Visiting Kelingking Beach can also be combined with Nusa Penida Snorkeling activities with 4 snorkeling spots: Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, dan Wall Point.

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