This post is update based on February 2023 conditions.

Nestled on the island’s eastern coast, Nusa Penida truly has more places to visit and each destination on this island indeed hidden gem. One of the breathtaking destination is Tembeling Beach, or some local pronounce as “Temeling” means “Clear”.

Tembeling Beach is part of West Nusa Penida travel packaged that offered by many tour organizer, including us, Caneza, and a best recommended for those who love swim in natural, boasting crystal clear water, and lush greenery on it surrounded. If you have a plan to visit this places without using trip or tour organizer (on your own plan), please read all this information carefully.

About The Location of Tembeling Beach 

Its the map point of tembeling beach locations, but if you asked about the track or how to get there, here is the guidance.

The track to this beach is a bit challenging, you can do trekking about 30-40 minute (depend on your pace) from the entrance into the locations of the natural pool, or hire local guide and riding their motorcycle to get there. Please, avoid riding by your own, since at several moment or month, the path would be slippery due to rain.

If you decided to walk, please bring a water to stay hydrated, use a comfortable shoes, and bring only thing that you need since you will do trekking down the hill. Don’t worry, from the motorcycle drop point (this is the places where all motorcycle has to stop) it only take 5 into 10 minutes down the stairs, into the natural pool.

There is public toilet available on the locations, so you can changes before and after you finish doing anything you like in locations.

Things you can do in Tembeling Beach 

You will find 2 path, one of it will lead you to natural pool, and another with the cave entrance will lead to natural swing surrounded by cliff. This cliff is other side of Banah Cliffs and Peguyangan Waterfall, another destinations that worth to visit. 

At the natural pool, yes, you may go to swim. A lot of visitor is mesmerized by its crystal clear water, at another time/season, the pool will have blue clear colors. This pool also surrounded by towering cliff and lush foliage, creating a serene and secluded spot that perfect for take a selfie. Please, do not hesitate to ask our driver to take your picture, they has been trained to take a picture with good point of view, here is for the sample.

Another thing you can do is swim near to coast, there is some area with white sand surrounded by sea stone. There is no current, but avoid swim to far from the beach. There is no life guard in this area, only you, our driver, and other visitors.

The Cost to visit

Its free, you don’t need to pay any entrance fee. Plus, if you using our tour services, the rides, drinking water, and personal guardian is included. Our services is included everything you need to get there, and enjoy Tembeling Beach with less of worry. We will guide you to this beach on the second day of the tour if you take the 2 day or 3 day tour packages, or you can find what we offers in our trip packages here.

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It means that you can enjoy other destinations when joining a tour. It also keeps your energy because we set the itinerary to ensure that travelers can enjoy the tour maximally. Imagine if you are exhausted once you achieve the beach. You may lay down and do nothing. The more comfortable you are in the area, the more experience you can get on the beach.

Contact our customer service to get the complete information about this tour or the destinations included on the tour. Ensure that Tembeling Beach is on the list of places to explore. That’s it! You only have to prepare yourself for a fantastic trip to Nusa Penida Island and its beautiful destinations.