Nusa Penida Island consists of several beautiful beaches. Tembeling beach is one of the beautiful beaches you can explore. We also include this beach on our Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour package. Before following the package, you should check the details of this beach. The information helps you to prepare anything to bring and wonder about things to do there.  

The Location of Tembeling Beach 

The track to this beach is a bit challenging. The first part of the track looks easy. The deeper you follow the track, the harder the track. Some local people often warn travelers that the road is terrible. The best way to pass the route is by walking. 

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the beach from the road. Due to the condition of the road, you should wear comfortable and suitable footwear. It prevents you from falling off while walking. Before getting to the beach, you can enjoy the beauty of Tembeling Forest. 

Things To Do in Tembeling Beach 

The first thing to enjoy is the challenging route. It can be your new trekking experience. The road is rocky and a bit slippery. The closer you are to the beach you are about to pass Tembeling Forest. The surroundings are attractive enough. 

You can take some pictures if you have time. Take the stairs to enjoy the canyon. Be careful and watch your steps because it is slippery. The stairs connect you to Tembeling Natural pools. It consists of two pools. 

The pool has crystal clear water, along with a blue tone. Don’t get surprised if you see some statues around the fountains. Local people often use the statues for a specific ritual. You can’t swim in this pool. 

Walk for a few minutes more to achieve Tembeling Beach. You are about to see a beautiful beach with big cliffs and sand. Take a rest and recharge your energy after trekking. If you still have stamina, explore the beach. 

Go to the bottom of the natural pool to find a little cave. This cave connects you to another beach as beautiful as the main beach. This beach connects to other wonderful destinations, such as Banah Cliffs and Peguyangan Waterfall. Both of them are worth it to visit if you have enough time. 

Exploring Tembeling Beach Comfortably by Joining Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour

Beginner travelers may get confused about the way to get to Tembeling Beach. It will be more complicated if it is your first time visiting this beach. You may waste your time only to find the route to the beach. 

Due to the challenging route, it can also be dangerous for travelers. Following the Nusa Penida tour, such as our Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour is one of the best options. Joining a trusted tour means that you get all facilities and services you need during exploring Nusa Penida Island. For example, you have a comfortable place to stay before starting the trip, a professional driver and tour guide, breakfast, lunch, and others. 

Indeed, our professional tour guide will show the safest route to all destinations, including this beach. At least, we will inform you of all the things you should prepare before exploring a certain area. Getting to the area at the best time is another benefit of joining a Nusa Penida tour. Visiting an area at the best time means that you get the most beautiful surroundings, pass the track safer, and do other things that you don’t get at other times. 

We will guide you to this beach on the second day of the tour. Indeed, it means that you can enjoy other destinations when joining a tour. It also keeps your energy because we set the itinerary to ensure that travelers can enjoy the tour maximally. Imagine if you are exhausted once you achieve the beach. You may lay down and do nothing. The more comfortable you are in the area, the more experience you can get on the beach. Contact our customer service to get the complete information about this tour or the destinations included on the tour. Ensure that Tembeling Beach is on the list of places to explore. That’s it! You only have to prepare yourself for a fantastic trip to Nusa Penida Island and its beautiful destinations.