Kintamani Tour

Spending a day in Bali, exploring and enjoying their culture and scenery, is one of the best things you can do on your vacation. Guess what, we have what you need to get that kind of experience. Our Bali full day tour gives you a chance to enjoy the adventure in Bali. You will be witnessing Balinese culture and many fascinating places in central Bali.

We will start our Kintamani tour right at 8.00 am. You don’t have to leave your house. Just get ready in your hotel lobby. Our driver will pick you up and take you to the location to enjoy the Barong and Keris Dance performance. This performance lasted for around one hour. It tells the story of the war between good and evil.

After that, our Kintamani tour’s next destination is Tegalalang Rice Terrace. To enjoy this beautiful green paddy field, we will go to Tegalalang village in Ubud. It is located in North Bali; therefore, it may take a while to reach there by car. Once you arrive, get ready for eye-pleasing scenery. Enjoy its beautiful cliff and scenery. 

If you are lucky, you might be able to see farmers working in this field. They either plant the rice or harvest the rice. It might sound simple. However, you can see how they use the traditional method to do all those works. So, it is worth the scenery for you to see and capture with your camera. Once we are done here, our next Kintamani tour destination is Mount Kintamani.

In the Mount Kintamani area, we will have lunch. You can have delicious local cuisine at the restaurant in this area. The best thing about this place is you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake and Mount Batur. It is one of the best experiences you don’t want to miss out on during your vacation.

After lunch, we have another Bali full day tour destination for you. It is one of the unique temples in Bali, the Tirta Empul Temple. Balinese believe that this place will remove all negative elements in your body. Then, change it into positive elements that bring you good luck. You can do it in a pool that is said to have holy power for that magical effect to happen.

The next thing may be the saddest part of our Bali full day tour. Yes, we are talking about the last destination of our tour. For this one, we present you with the Gajah Cave Temple. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Bali. This cave has important historical value. Plus, you also can see an amazing cave structure inside, which is not surprising, because the researcher also uses it as an archeological site.

Once you finish our Kintamani tour itinerary, we will take you back to your hotel. You will use the same full-AC private car with a friendly and English-speaking driver. We ensure the best and most comfortable trip and adventure with our tour package.

Places of Interest will be visiting during Kintamani Tour:

Barong and Keris Dance Performance

Barong and Keris Dance Performance

It is one of the popular Balinese art performances. This performance depicts the battle between good and evil. The good is represented by Barong or lion. As for evil, it uses Rangda or Demon Queen that leads the army of evil. This dance performance has been around since ancient times. That was before Hinduism entered Bali.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace ubud

This place is also known as Ceking Rice Terrace, which comes from its location name. Its location is Ceking hamlet, Tegalalang District, Gianyar Regency. It has beautiful scenery. Depending on the time you visit it, you might see different appearances of this rice field. Therefore, we put it on our Bali full day tour.

Kintamani Village

Kintamani Village and Volcano View

Located at 1,500 meters above sea level, Kintamani Village is one of the most beautiful villages in Bali with cooler weather. This location has many orange and passion fruit plantations that you also can see. Around this area, you also can see Mount Batur and Lake Batur. This place is the main menu of our Kintamani tour.  

Tirta Empul Temple

Cleansing negative elements at Tirta Empul Temple

This temple complex came from 960 AD. It is the palace of the royal family during the Warmadewa Dynasty. It also is close to Tampaksiring Palace, a special place that Indonesian first president, Soekarno, used to holiday. Tirta Empul Temple also has a water spring inside its temple complex, which is said to have holy power.

Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah Temple is an ancient heritage temple

This temple is one of the unique temples in Bali because it was built inside a cave. In 1954, the archeologist successfully excavated this place and found a unique formation of Hindu angel statues. We ensure that you will get the best ending to your Bali full day tour in this place.

Bali Kintamani Tour Itinerary :

 Time Activity
08.15 AM Pick up at the hotel
09.30 AM Watching Barong Dance Performance (Trance Dance)
11.00 PM Tegalalang Rice Terrace
01.00 PM Lunch at Resto Volcano View
02.00 PM  Kintamani Village and Volcano View
03.30 PM Tirta Empul Temple
05.00 PM Goa Gajah Temple
07.00 PM Back to hotel

Bali Kintamani Tour Include :

  • Private Car + English Speaking Driver + Petrol
  • Ticket Barong Dance Performance
  • Mineral Water
  • All Entrance Fee
  • All Parking Fee
  • Lunch at Resto

Bali Kintamani Tour Price Per Person:

1 Pax
IDR 1.000.000
IDR 1.000.000
2 Pax
IDR 650.000
IDR 1.300.000
3 Pax
 IDR 600.000
IDR 1.800.000
4 Pax
IDR 550.000
IDR 2.200.000
5 Pax
IDR 500.000
IDR 2.500.000
6 Pax
IDR 475.000
IDR 2.850.000
For 7 people or more please contact us

Bali Kintamani Tour Additional Info:

  • For fast response, you can book via WhatsApp number (Chat only).
  • For children aged 2 – 5 years get a 50% discount
  • Free for babies 1 year and under
  • A private tour, that’s means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion.
  • Payment can be made with IDR or USD cash. Payment is given to our driver to pick you up at the hotel/airport