Lempuyang Temple Tour

Lempuyang Temple Tour is a Full Day Bali Tour Package to visit Pura Lempuyang or best known as the Gates of Heaven and visit other interesting sites on the island of East Bali. Pura Lempuyang is one of the largest temples on the island of Bali, located on a plateau with breathtaking views of Mount Agung. From the gate of the lempuyang temple we can see an amazing view of Mount Agung. Our tour driver will pick you up at the hotel in the morning and then we go to the lempuyang temple directly, the journey is rather long because the lempuyang temple is located some distance away in east Bali. After getting there we will immediately go to visit the gates of heaven with amazing views, then we will go to the Tirta Gangga park is a water palace recreation to enjoy the view and then we go to the restaurant for lunch Indonesian cuisine, after lunch we continue the tour Lempuyang to visit the last site, Tukad cepung waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with an amazing view, if you want to swim here, don't forget to bring a towel, because we don't provide towels. After that we will return to the hotel with the extraordinary memory displayed on the Bali Lempuyang Tour. Below is an explanation of the Bangkuyang tour, if you have questions about this tour, please send us a message, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Places of Interest will be visiting during Lempuyang Temple Tourr :

Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang Temple is a Hindu holy temple dedicated to the worship of Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, which manifests as the god of Icwara, which is located on the top of Bukit Bisbis on the east of the island of Bali, from here you can see the beautiful view of the largest volcano in Bali. The most famous temple by tourists is by the name of the Heaven's Gate Lempuyang Pura Lempuyang is located on the island of East Bali in the town of Karangasem, Abang sub-district, Tribuana village. Located on top of the Bisbis Hill, a temple overlooking Mount Agung, from this temple you can see an amazing view of Mount Agung. This temple is a sacred place for the worship of Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa in its manifestation as Icwara. This temple has a status as one of the "Sad Kahyangan Jagad" so it is clear that this temple is a sanctuary of the universe which is located on the east of the island of Bali. Thus in terms of location, it can be explained that the function of this temple as a symbol to maintain the balance of the universe. Lempuyang Temple is famous for its amazing mountain views, many tourists take pictures at the gate of Bangkuyang Temple with beautiful mountain views. A truly spectacular view is offered at Lempuyang Temple. The name of the Heaven's Gate comes from a tourist spot that takes pictures at the gate of the lempuyang temple against a backdrop of beautiful scenery. because of the beautiful scenery, guests call it a paradise view and a place to take photos at the gate of the Tempuyang temple. So most guests call this place the gates of heaven.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is one of the interesting places in Bali that was designed and built in 1948 by Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem (1887 - 1966), who was the last king of Karangasem. He is an extraordinary man to say the least, not only because he is the architect of the water park but also because he helped build the park. Many people were surprised to find the King in the midst of his lower class workers, working kneeling in mud pools and excavation ponds.The Tirta Gangga Water Palace gardens feature a unique blend of Balinese and Chinese architecture. The water park field (about 1.2 ha.) Consists of three separate complexes, each with a pond and many statues. The lowest level complex has two large pools and a water tower. In the second complex (middle level) Bali water palace is a swimming pool. The third level is the main complex with the former King's country house.Nowadays one can find restaurants and four bungalows in the former hometown of Raja A.A. Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. Building a water park, including the design and work of workers, is King's favorite hobby. Because many of the visitors did not expect this, of course they were surprised to find the King himself working among his workers, standing on his knees in the mud digging the ground.The Tirta Gangga Water Palace is always considered sacred and is regularly used for religious ceremonies in temples. With important celebration days, the Tirta Gangga Water Palace is the destination of colorful processions with offerings, umbrellas, flags and other tributes. Led by a local temple priest, the ceremony is held in spring, accompanied by Beleganjur songs and music, a small gamelan gong-gong group with each musician singing special and different tones on a musical scale, all combined in harmony.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in Penida Village, Tembuku District, Bangli Province. classified as a tourist attraction that was just introduced a few years ago, because the beauty of the waterfall makes this attraction famous now. the view offered in this place is very beautiful, and you can swim in this place with very clear water with a calm atmosphere. Tukad Cepung Waterfall is a waterfall that has a height of about 15 meters. If you come to this waterfall in the middle of the day (not cloudy or rainy) it will look like this waterfall is falling from the sky because it is blown away by the sun. It is not surprising that this waterfall is then said to be a waterfall from the sky. Natural stones around it, including tall cliffs covered with moss, plus lush tropical trees combined beautifully with the charm of Tukad Cepung Waterfall will certainly be able to amaze you. The word from cepung tukad waterfall, is based on the words of local residents who live around the waterfall, if the name tukep cepung has existed since the first time the waterfall was discovered, and based on local residents if the word tukad in English means river and cepung in English means falling from the sky, so tukad cepung means waterfall falling from the sky. It is true if you visit this place during the daytime and you will see a waterfall like falling from the sky with water that glows with a spark of light that makes this waterfall very beautiful. terrain taken to reach the waterfall is not easy, from the parking lot to the waterfall we have to go through a slightly steep staircase and walk through a small river. In this way, it is not suitable for pregnant women, young children and asthmatics.


    - 06.00 - Pick up from your hotel

    - 09.00 - Visit Lempuyang Temple

    - 11.30 - Visit Tirta Gangga Water Palace

    - 13.00 - Lunch

    - 15.00 - Visit Tukad Cepung Waterfall

    - 16.30 - Back to hotel


  • Private Car + English Speaking Driver / Guide + Petrol
  • Lunch in Resto
  • Mineral Water
  • All Entrance Fee
  • All Parking Fee


  • For fast response you can book via WhatsApp number (Chat only).
  • The price quote per person for minimun booking 2 person.
  • For Single or Solo Traveler will have additional charge 50%.
  • Suitable for Individual travelers and groups.
  • Private tour, that’s mean there is no other participant, just only you and your companion.


  • 2 Pax : IDR 675.000/Person
  • 3-4 Pax : IDR 600.000/Person
  • 5-6 Pax : IDR 550.000/Person