Bali Spa Tour Packages

Balinese believe that body, mind and spirit work in harmony. Health and well-being lead to happiness. Massage at Bali Spa Tour has healing powers, releases tension, frees toxic tissue and improves circulation. Foot Reflexology at our SPA reduces stress from the area in the foot that is in harmony with other body areas and increases the strength of rejuvenation and revitalization of all creatures. Herbal tea, lemon and ginger are very natural medicines. They stimulate, soothe and energize, rejuvenate and refresh. At Bali SPA Tour will offer Balinese hospitality and focus on the well-being of guests in a beautiful garden environment. Visit us and experience the joy of Bali Holistic Care.

  • Optional Menu:

  • 1. Traditional Balinese Massage: Duration 1Hour IDR 500.000/person
  • 2. Foot/Reflexology: Duration 1 Hour IDR 450.000/person
  • 3. Lymphatic Massage: Duration 1,5 Hours IDR 650.000/person
  • 4. Warm Stone Massage: Duration 2 Hours IDR 850.000/person
  • 5. Shirodara Massage: Duration 1 Hour IDR 850.000/person
  • 6. Creambath: Duration 1 Hour IDR 500.000/person
  • 7. Facial: Duration 1 Hour IDR 500.000/person
  • 8. Manicure or Padicure: Duration 1 Hour IDR 450.000/person
  • 9. Balinese Costume Photo: Duration 1 Hour IDR 550.000/person
  • 10. Balinese Costume Photo Package: Duration 2 Hours IDR 950.000/person
  • Note:

  • Price is per person for minimum of 2 participants
  • If only 1 person is an additional fee IDR 200.000
  • Not Include With Any Transfer, Add Charge For Transfer IDR 250.000/car