Ubud Waterfall Tour

Ubud Waterfall Tour is one of the most famous Half Day Bali Tour Packages where the journey will explore the nature and culture of Ubud Village. The tour will start at 11.00 from your hotel, then we will take you to visit Tegenungan Waterfall, located in the southern part of Ubud. This site is a beautiful and hidden waterfall, the water is clean, clear and suitable for bathing. Then the next goal is to visit Bali Butterfly Park which is located not far from Tegenungan Waterfall, there we will see the butterfly park which is the biggest claim in Asia with many butterfly species in the world and continue to have lunch at the restaurant provided in the area. Bali Butterfly Park. After lunch the next destination is to the Monkey Forest, one of the few forests inhabited by long-tailed gray apes in Bali and perhaps the most famous among the others because of their community-based management, location and ease of access. Then continue to visit the Ubud Palace or Puri Saren which is the royal palace of the Ubud Empire. Located in front of the palace, we will take you to visit Ubud Art Market, this is a traditional market located in the center of Ubud Village which offers a variety and innovative traditional art souvenirs at low prices. The tour will be very convenient by transferring our personal AC car and to maintain your comfort and pleasant trip, our always leading professional tour driver offers the best service with the information you need.

Places of Interest will be visiting during Ubud Waterfall Tour :

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali and the beauty of this waterfall is not only an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists, local people also often visit this waterfall. It is part of the Petanu river that flows along Kemenuh village, reaching a height of up to 20 m so you can feel the sound of water falling. The beauty of Tegenungan waterfall between green rocky walls can be seen from the first stop point where you can find a local kiosk that serves food and drinks. To reach Tegenungan Waterfall you have to go down 172 steps. On the way, you will see a public bath used by local residents and divided into two separate areas, namely for men and women. This public bath water source is very clear and clean, here you can also find Beji temples for self-purification. The object of Tegenungan Waterfall has a complete infrastructure such as parking lots, public toilets, trash bins, food and beverage kiosks in a very strategic location to see the beauty of this waterfall. It is also a clean and safe place to visit. For photographers, this is the perfect place to take pictures of waterfalls, surrounded by trees around it and everywhere there are many places around the waterfall, with interesting and challenging angles.

Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park or Butterfly Park is an extraordinary activity in Bali to visit butterfly and insect conservation facilities that exhibit various specimens through a garden of 3,000 square meters located in the village of Wanasari, 6.5 km north of the capital Tabanan district and 30 km northwest of Denpasar. This park claims to be the largest of its kind in Asia. Butterfly Park is a convenient stopover for traveling to the northern region of the island through Tabanan. Here, visiting families will experience an educational and inspirational tour to see hundreds of butterflies from 15 known species that live in Indonesia's tropical regions, as well as various insects and other arachnids in a broad and informative display. In addition to the many living specimens bred at the Bali Butterfly Park, there are also collections of dried butterfly specimens and insects (butterflies have different but naturally short life spans) which can also be souvenirs, arranged in glass frames. Visitors will have the opportunity to see specimens from near, colorful and protected, such as ordinary birds (Troides helena) and Bali peacocks (Papilio peranthus) and large birds of paradise (Ornithoptera paradisea). Unique and strange-looking stick insects, leaf insects, scorpions, large hairy spiders and various beetles are displayed in glass boxes. Various species from all over the Indonesian archipelago are collected in a comfortable garden. An interesting and very educational part of this tour is the opportunity for young people to observe closely the various stages of metamorphosis of various species, ranging from eggs, larvae and cocoons, to large cocoons and butterflies.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is a place of nature and cultural temples located in Ubud Bali. His full name as written on the welcome sign is the Wanara Wana Mandala Tourism in the Padangtegal Monkey Forest Reserve. The complex holds about 340 monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) (32 adult men, 19 adult men, 77 adult women, 122 teenagers and 54 babies). Crab Crab Eater Bali Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rainforest inhabited by a group of monkeys and other tropical animals. Strategically located in the fireplace of Ubud Village. The Monkey Forest in the Balinese language is called Wanara Wana spread throughout the island and the Ubud Monkey Forest itself has a very important function of the continuity of monkey habitat in Bali. Meanwhile, local communities have an important role in maintaining this forest so that all wild animals can live smoothly. It is often seen how Balinese apes break coconuts. If available, they also like to eat bananas and papaya. After drinking please leave the fruit with the monkey. If you feed apes, please do it carefully, and if they take food from you, don't try to take it back. It is also very important for you to treat trees, plants and animals and other structures in the Holy Monkey Forest with respect. This is a sacred area and important ecological preservation, please enjoy the beauty and wonders of this place. while at the same time respecting what lives in it. If you have questions or if you need help, please ask Wenara wana personnel (identified with their green uniforms) or members of a research project. project.

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest and locally known as Puri Saren Ubud is one of the most prominent places in Ubud, because it slaps on the main road of Jalan Raya Ubud and the intersection. The palace can also be considered as the main landmark of Ubud. The Ubud Palace was built during the reign of the late Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel (1800-1823) and was well cared for by his heirs. A visit to Puri Saren is on many trips to the Ubud area. It has well-preserved Balinese architecture and charming and well-known garden settings among Balinese art lovers as one of the main sites to see dramatic night dance performances. The Ubud Royal Palace can be reached after about one and a half hours drive north from the provincial capital of Denpasar. Many visitors find that the palace is a comfortable stopover, because it is a strategic focal point of Ubud, with Ubud Art Market, a variety of local and international restaurants just steps from Jalan Raya Ubud.