About The Package

We will take you to the most favorite white water Rafting spot in Bali, that conducted by the biggest and famous operator: Bali Ayung Rafting, and Bali Telaga Waja Rafting.

Include in the package

Price for Bali Ayung

TypePrice per PersonTotal
AdultIDR 650.000IDR 650.000
ChildrenIDR 450.000IDR 450.000

Price for Bali Telaga Waja

TypePrice per PersonTotal
AdultIDR 700.000IDR 700.000
ChildrenIDR 500.000IDR 500.000

Brief About This Package

Bali Rafting is an activity that combines elements of adventure, education, sports, and recreation by navigating the river channel that uses ‘rapids’ using rubber boat media, rowing, kayaking, and canoeing. In addition to testing the guts, rafting activities are also risky, but as long as you follow the guide’s instructions, everything will be safe :). But in addition to hearts, excellent physical condition is also highly recommended to be maintained so that they can pass every obstacle that exists.

Rafting as a group sport relies heavily on the team’s cohesiveness as a whole. Integrated cooperation and deep understanding between boat crews can be the main factors that support success through various obstacles on the river. It cannot be denied that Rafting is a risky sport (a high-risk sport). However, everyone can do it – provided he is in a “good” condition, both in terms of technical understanding, cognitive reading ability, and physical and mental health.

So, Rafting is a sport that requires skills. For that, it takes time to develop. Progress towards achieving superior ability is only possible if you want to study the characteristics of the river and are willing to train yourself in that place. Unless you need to develop knowledge about the features of the river, you must also practice rowing and paddling on the river. The implication is that it needs to develop physical abilities to achieve optimal conditions consistently. Another thing to remember is to practice ways to deal with emergencies on the river. This is important to train readiness, ability, and confidence if you have to deal with it.