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Experience the  majestic and sacred Besakih Temple while you explore the Kintamani Village and the famous yet calming Kintamani Lake. In this tour, we will take you to there, in one day, and don’t worry, its private.

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Price per Person

Qty MinimumAdult PriceChild price
2 PersonIDR 650.000IDR 350.000

Additional notes:

  • For more than 2 pax, we can set a special price for you, just give us call
  • For children aged 4-10 years
  • Free for babies 3 years and under
  • A private tour, that’s means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion.
  • Payment can be made with IDR or USD cash.
  • Payment is given to our driver when he picks you up at the hotel/airport
  • If you had any concern, please call +62 889-8919-5819

Brief About This Package

Visit Bali and experience the Besakih temple tour with us. The package includes our best Bali Full Day Tour. Enjoy the trip with family or our beloved one.

First, visitors proceed to visit Barong Dance. This activity lets the visitors understand better about Balinese culture. After that, visitors move to the next trip to view another interesting thing, visiting Batuan Village.

Batuan Village is known for its artwork. It allows visitors to get a vast opportunity to see the beautiful crafts in Bali. All of them are made by the locals, and their works are perfect for souvenirs.

Then, the trip continues to visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace. We should not miss this place because it offers us something special.

From Tegalalang Rice Terrace, visitors can view the beautiful scenery in Bali. It offers them a rice field view in Tegalalang village. Enjoy the greenery during the Besakih temple tour. Before heading to the next stop, we let visitors have lunch in a local restaurant. We can experience lunch with the view of the Volcano. It is a rare moment that is worth visiting.

Then, the trip continues to visit some places in the northern part of Bali. One of them is visiting Kintamani village, which offers the view of Mount Batur, an active volcano. Besides, visitors can enjoy the view of Lake Batur.

By joining this tour, visitors get the chance to stop in Kintamani. The place is known because of Mount Batur volcano view. It is one of the best attractions offering Mount Batur scenery.

Then, continue the tour to stop in Besakih Temple. It offers us another uniqueness of Bali. By visiting this place, visitors can know about the importance of Besakih Temple for Balinese.

Besakih is not only the largest but also the main temple in Bali. Taking the Bali Full Day Tour enables visitors to get the experience mentioned above. We provide comfortable and the best services. Our professional Tour Driver offers visitors their best. Besides, visitors will have a private tour with an AC car.

In the following, we explain the description of the objects visited briefly. Let us see the information below.

Learn Balinese Mythology from Barong And Keris Dance

As mentioned earlier, Barong Dance is one of Balinese cultural heritage. The dance is not only famous but also offers uniqueness. The story is about a part of Balinese mythology. The dance is indeed an art form. Yet, it is also associated with spirituality. From the dance, visitors can know further about the story.

The story in Barong Dance tells about the battle between Good and Evil. Although it represents the classic battle, the dance gains more popularity. It includes the most loved dances on the Island.

Barong Dance informs us about Balinese mythology, and Barong is a figure forming a lion. It is considered as Spirit King representing virtue. Some people know the figure as a guardian angel.

Besides, it tells about Rangda as well. In Javanese, Rangda means widow and resistance of Barong. This figure is also known as the Demon Queen.

The story allows us to learn Barong and Keris Dance is not an ordinary dance. It depicts the two characters in a battle. As part of the Besakih temple tour, Barong Dance tells us about the Balinese culture before Hinduism entered Bali.

View Balinese Art Work in Batuan Village

The Bali Full Day Tour brings us to the next place named Batuan Village. Here, visitors can see Balinese paintings. Located 10 km in the south of Ubud, it makes this place the most visited by tourists.

Both locals and foreigners know this place. It is one of the centers of wooden panels and Ubud Bali paintings. That is why many tours include a visit to Batuan Village.

Moreover, visitors will see enchanting paintings. The paintings are available for sale too. So, visitors can take them home as souvenirs.

The paintings use ceremonial aspects, like religion and shadow puppets. Additionally, we can see temples or palaces as its ornaments. Through painting, we learn about religion and the life of the Balinese people.

Enchanting Rice Terrace in Tegalalang

This place is well known among tourists because of the beauty of the rice terrace. It attracts visitors with the natural beauty of rice fields. It looks like a ladder of rice plants.

Complete your holiday while visiting this area. People also call this place Ceking Rice Terrace due to its location in the Ceking area. Do not miss every opportunity while taking the Besakih temple tour.

Amazed by Volcano View in Kintamani Village

Another worth visiting is Kintamani village. The place offers visitors the beauty of the volcano view. Feel a cool and humid climate in this area.

Aside from that, Kintamani village is ideal to grow orange and passion fruits. See the bustle in the main road every third day of market days. The place is indeed unique and fascinating.

End The Visit In Besakih Mother Temple

In Balinese, people call it Pura Besakih. It is the largest Hindu temple in Bali. Moreover, it offers the view of fast natural beauty from the top.

Because of its natural beauty, this temple is mostly visited by tourists all over the world. It lets us view the scenic panorama from above.

The view presents us with the view of the slopes of Mount Agung. Meanwhile, the temple name represents the location. It is settled in Besakih village in Rendang District, Karangasem Regency.

Balinese believe that Gunung Agung is the holiest and highest mountain in Bali. Moreover, it is the main temple on the Island. Pura Besakih is settled in 900 meters on Mount Agung slopes.

Entering the temples, visitors are able to know about each part. It has 18 separate temples. Besakih temple also has three main temples dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, Brahma, and Vishnu.

All Balinese loyalty comes to this temple. From inside the complex, every caste group has its own temple. Thus, the Besakih temple tour gives you unforgettable moments during your visit to Bali.