Seganing Waterfall is one of the destinations you will explore when joining Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour. Visiting this waterfall is not only to see the beauty of the waterfall and its surroundings but also pass through the challenging route, especially when going down the cliffside. The information below will make you more curious about what this waterfall looks like and the atmosphere there.

The Way to Get to Seganing Waterfall 

You have to go to Crystal Bay and turn left to Kelingkung Beach. Find the first intersection with a small temple. Walk straight to achieve the second right. It takes 40 minutes by riding a vehicle. Local people are often passing by. You can ask them if they are getting lost, but it is a bit difficult because they may not understand your language.  

Challenging Route 

You may not see a big waterfall once you arrive in the area. It is a small waterfall, along with a natural pool. The challenging part is the route to go down to the cliff. There is only a small path with a bamboo railing. 

It takes about twenty minutes until you get down the cliff. This path becomes one of the most popular images on the internet and social media. It seems incomplete if you don’t take a picture of the path or bamboo railing on this waterfall. 

It is okay if you don’t want to go down the cliff. The scenery from the top of the cliff is also outstanding, along with the fresh air. You will see the path to go down and the amazing view of the Nusa Penida coast.    

Things To Do at Seganing Waterfall 

Those who are exhausted after trekking around the hills can just sit on the cliff and enjoy the atmosphere. How about if you still have the energy to explore Seganing Waterfall? Due to the landscape of the waterfall, you can walk and reach the top of the waterfall. 

Ensure that you are wearing suitable and comfortable footwear because the track is slippery. Photographers can find perfect spots or events and capture them on the camera. You will get a lot of amazing photos in this area. 

You can also create an attractive video with the background of this waterfall. You can’t swim under the waterfall because of the big waves. You can still wash your face and hands to feel the water. 

Besides bringing a camera, travelers can also bring their fishing rods. Yes! This waterfall is also a good place for fishing. Find a comfortable area by the waterfall and wait until you get fish while feeling the ambiance.  

The Areas Near Seganing Waterfall 

During the Seganing Waterfall exploration, you can go to several areas close to the waterfall. For example, you may get another great view by visiting Tembeling Beach and Resort. This waterfall is also connected to Nusa Batupahet, Nusa Banah, and Gunung Cemeng Temple. 

Exploring Seganing Waterfall by Joining Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour 

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time visitor. You don’t have to find the route by yourself. Instead of wasting time, you can join our Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour program. This program is a 3-day tour on Nusa Penida Island. 

We will guide you to visit several attractive places on this island, including Seganing Waterfall. You are about to explore this area on the second day of the tour. The trip to this waterfall is more comfortable because you are accompanied by a professional tour guide and driver. 

They know the route to the waterfall well and take you to the best spots at the right time. As a result, you can enjoy this destination maximally. Plus, you get extra experience by exploring other great destinations around the island more than just this waterfall, including Crystal Bay and Kelingking Beach. 

The most important thing is that your trip is safer and more comfortable, along with all facilities you get from the tour package. The facilities you will get are including breakfast, lunch, a comfortable car, and many more. 

You only have to enjoy each of the destinations without worrying about anything. The faster you reach Seganing Waterfall, the better because it means you can do what you want in this area. You can also get more than solo travelers get because of arriving at the right time.