Snorkeling is an exciting and accessible way to explore the underwater world, especially when you go to Nusa Penida. There is so many Snorkeling and Diving activity you can find in most of Nusa Penida Tour Packaged offered by local operator.

Whether you are new to the activity or a seasoned traveler, understanding the basic tips for snorkeling can greatly enhance your experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide at least ten essential snorkeling tips, that will help you make the most of your underwater exploration much fun.

1. How To Choose the Right Snorkel Set

Standard snorkel set

The snorkel set is the foundation of our underwater exploration. It consists of a mask, snorkel, and fins, all of which should fit comfortably and function effectively. Take a look for these checklist when choosing the right snorkel set for you

Start With Mask Fitting

A properly fitting mask is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experience. When trying on a mask, place it on your face with your nose inside the flexible part and inhale deeply through your nose. Do not put the mask strap on the back of your head yet.

The mask should create a vacuum and stay firmly on your face when you move your head. If it falls off, means that the shape does not fit with your face, ask the replacement with your guide. You can ask the replacement when you try it on the deposit or while in the boat.

Pick the Right Fins Sizing

When choosing fins, pay attention to sizing and type. Our guide will ask your foot chart, in centimeters. But don’t worry, our experience dive crew will help you assessing your foot chart, its part of our services to make sure you comfortable with our tour packages.

Our best recommendation when choosing the fin is use the closed heel fins, its not too tight or too loose. This kind of fin can avoid blisters or losing a fin in the water.

2. Understand Local Underwater Conditions

It always good idea to check the current before diving into the water, ask our tour guide regarding the underwater conditions. Especially when you have no experience with open water swimming. We know that swim in the open water are slightly different compared to swim in the pool.

Several question that you can also asked to our snorkeling guide is :

  • Where to snorkel, since the also other group that swim at same locations, its better to swim closed to your boat or in location that mentioned by the guide.
  • Bottom structure : In several Nusa Penida snorkeling spot, the bottom structure will different. One of it will have drop wall characteristic with strong currents, or having a coral wall with sea urchin and marine live that need to protect. Be sure your fin not touching these.
  • Currents : as we mention earlier, the current might different for several spot. Please ask the full information with our team, to make your snorkel experience, fun.
  • Entry and exit points :
  • Local marine life

3. Protect Yourself from Sunburn and Stings

Use Sunscreens before go to snorkel or swim
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Sunburn is a common issue while snorkeling, especially in tropical country like Indonesia. Protect yourself from sunburn and skin damage, by using sunscreen that eco-friendly for marine life. Some sunscreens are safe for the marine environment. Choose a sunscreen that is specifically labeled as “reef-safe” to ensure that it does not harm the delicate coral and marine ecosystem.

If possible, use also protective clots like Rash-Gard, long sleeve, or something similar to it.

4. Snorkel with a Buddy and Communicate Your Plans

Swim or snorkel in group

Since you are visit some country using specific time arrangement, its always good idea to share your agenda with some relative. Also, when you decide to go snorkeling with a buddy, it will make your snorkel experience more enjoyable and safer.

You can share the experience and help each other stay safe in the water. Make a snorkeling plan that includes how long you will be snorkeling and where. Keep an eye on each other and periodically check your position relative to the shore or your entry point.

5. Prevent Mask Fogging/Clear your view

Clear your mask when fogging

Who want to experience could not see anything while snorkel? A foggy and unclear mask view can hinder your underwater exploration. The good news is there are several methods can use to prevent mask fogging, including:

  • Use Baby shampoo: Rub a drop of baby shampoo on the inside of the glass and rinse quickly with sea water. If you not bring one, ask us, we more than happy to share it for free.
  • Spit : it kind gross, but scientifically saliva can help as a temporary defogger, but avoid spitting to much.
  • Practice Transferred air bubble: this method can help you to rinse your mask while snorkel. I am learn this method while taking my Scuba Diving license, by blowing air bubble in mask. It truly can help clear the view, so I can continue enjoy snorkel or dive.

6. Follow the Safety instruction when Enter and Exit the Water

When using boat, our crew will provide you with a ladder to take you smooth entry on water. If you go snorkel with your buddy, you can enter the water without wearing fin, hand it to your buddy, and put it on your foot after. If you decide to enter the water using leap of faith jump, please make sure the bottom or no one is around your entry area.

When exiting the water, remove your fins before go back to boat. Hand over the fin to our crew or your buddy, then exit using the ladder carelessly.

7. Avoid touch coral Reef and Fish

Avoid touching or feeding the fish

We know that the sea creature around Nusa Penida Snorkel Spot is to cute to avoid, but remember, coral reefs and other sea lifes are fragile ecosystems that require protection. When snorkeling, remember the following guidelines and rules:

  • Do not step on, grab, or rest on coral.
  • Do not touch, feed, or chase marine life, especially when you around manta.
  • Swim in safe distance is recommended

8. Master Snorkeling Technique

Clear your vision during snorkeling

A proper snorkeling technique can greatly improve your underwater exploration experience. While snorkeling, stretch your legs and move them up and down, keeping your knees straight and avoiding a cycling motion. Position your arms in front of or around your head to protect yourself from bumping into anything, and breath in small bubble flow may help to maintain oxygen in lungs.

By following these snorkeling tips, you can greatly enhance your underwater exploration experience and make the most of your time in the water. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, these tips can help you stay safe, protect the marine environment, and enjoy the wonders of the underwater world.