Are you looking for Snorkeling Tips for Beginners? – A vacation to the beach, exotic islands, and beautiful coral reefs will not be complete without exploring the underwater beauty. The uniqueness of various coral reefs and diverse marine life is an attraction that is a pity to miss.
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If you are a beginner and can’t swim, you don’t have to worry about snorkeling at sea level because we have tips for those who want to do snorkeling but are still beginners.
But how do I explore the sea’s surface when I can’t swim? The question often arises for people who want to snorkel for the first time. Don’t worry, and you can still explore the underwater charm with snorkeling tips for beginners :).
Snorkeling is an activity of swimming or diving at sea level using a tool called a snorkel (J-shaped breathing apparatus), as well as a mask that serves to protect the eyes and nose from water. And one more tool that can make you swim in the sea, namely frog legs (fins). These frog legs function as paddles when you snorkel.

Then how about Snorkeling Tips for Beginners?

Snorkeling floats, so when you snorkel, your feet and hands are silent (passive) unless you want to change locations or go to the beach, then your feet and hands will pedal towards the edge. Try to keep your head down, not looking forward, but looking down because this will be very difficult. It helps the body stay stable and afloat. It would be better if the body’s positioned on your back with your face turned into the water because it will keep you afloat. If you can’t swim, you have to ask for a life jacket so that your body stays floating on the surface, so you have to move your legs and arms to direct them to where you want them.

I will give 7 safe snorkeling tips for beginners so that you can be safe in snorkeling activities, please see my snorkeling tips:

1. Check Equipment And How to Use

Snorkeling Gear

Before snorkeling, check the equipment’s condition, such as masks and fins. Also, check whether the snorkel is still suitable for use or if there is a leak so that it does not interfere when you are snorkeling. Check that the fins are still flexible and according to the foot size. After that, make sure to put the mask on correctly. If you have long hair, put it in a ponytail first, so it doesn’t interfere with the view. Tighten the mask as comfortably as possible, not too tight or loose. This is to avoid the appearance of dew blocking the view.

2. Snorkel Together and Don’t go too Far

Snorkeling Together

When snorkeling, don’t get too far from your friends or group. Sometimes it’s because you enjoy yourself so much that you forget you’ve swam too far. Remember, snorkeling only uses simple tools, so it is not recommended that you snorkel too far because it is dangerous.

3. Get used to breathing with a snorkel

Breathe With a Snorkel

Before snorkeling, it’s a good idea to do breathing exercises first with a snorkel. The point is to get used to breathing with a snorkel when in the water. Once in the water, make yourself as comfortable as possible, and most importantly, don’t panic.

4. Make it as comfortable as possible in the water

Start by lifting your feet from the bottom and position your body face down, facing down, spread your legs and arms slightly wide, and try to balance and float on the water. Breathe through your mouth, then swing your legs like a freestyle swimming motion.

5. Pay Attention to your Surroundings

Sea ​​Urchins

Always be careful, and don’t get carried away while enjoying the natural beauty under the sea. Always be alert and pay attention to the surrounding conditions, pay attention to the sea waves to avoid strong currents, and don’t step on rocks or sea urchins.

6. Mask and snorkel clearing

Due to the erratic waves, it is not unusual for seawater to enter the snorkel mask. How to clean it, you don’t need to get out of the water. Just take a deep breath, then exhale powerfully with your mouth so that the water comes out through the funnel of the snorkel mask due to the force of the air. After that, breathe again normally. Whatever happens, don’t panic because it will only waste your energy in the sea.

7. Keep Conserving Coral Reefs and Marine Life

In addition to having to keep yourself safe when snorkeling, you also have to maintain the preservation of the underwater world. Do not let you damage coral reefs or another marine biota. Don’t litter; most importantly, don’t take anything from under the sea.