About The Trip Package

If you like sunset views, the Uluwatu Temple Tour is perfect for you. You will be invited to enjoy the sunset on the cliffs of the Uluwatu Temple while watching the famous Kecak dance performance, and you can explore each side of the cliff safely. You will also be invited to visit Melasti Beach with its beautiful white sand and have a romantic dinner at Jimbaran Cafe, which is famous for its Balinese spiced seafood.

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Price per Person

Qty MinimumAdult PriceChild price
2 PersonIDR 850.000IDR 500.000

Additional notes:

  • For more than 2 pax, we can set a special price for you, just give us call
  • For children aged 4-10 years
  • Free for babies 3 years and under
  • A private tour, that’s means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion.
  • Payment can be made with IDR or USD cash.
  • Payment is given to our driver when he picks you up at the hotel/airport
  • If you had any concern, please call +62 889-8919-5819

Brief About This Package

What will you do with the Uluwatu tour? Uluwatu is an area in Bali that comes with various tourist attractions. You might not have enough time to explore all of them. Still, the tour has a specially formulated itinerary to give you the best and the most experienced exploring Uluwatu.
The tour will simultaneously explore Melasti Beach and Padang Padang beach. Of course, you will also be brought to visit the well-known Uluwatu beach and watch the famous Kecak dance performance. Last but not least, Jimbaran Seafood Dinner will end the trip with great satisfaction.

Places of Interest will be visiting during Bali Uluwatu Tour & Dinner at Jimbaran Seafood:

1. Melasti Beach

The very first stop of the Uluwatu tour is Melasti beach. It was a hidden beach before the government developed a better road and various tourist facilities. The access to the beach is way better than in the past. That is why this beach has become one of the most popular beaches in Uluwatu.
Melasti Beach is a great place to enjoy swimming in the calm and turquoise water. You might not be able to find many options for water sports, but the beauty of the beach is enough to fill your eyes and your heart. You will find small rock pools during low tide along the middle shoreline. You can find your private pool to cool off.
You can also go to the east to enjoy the view of the natural limestone cape. Exploring the cliff surrounding the beach will also be a great thing to do. You can spot some viewpoints to enjoy the stunning view of the Indian Ocean.

2. Padang-Padang Beach

The next destination of uluwatu tour is Padang Padang Beach in Pecatu Village. Yes, it is another beach, but you do not want to miss this beautiful beach. It is not far from the tourist area in Uluwatu. You will pass a temple when entering the beach area. It would help if you still went down a ladder that looks like a cave since it is carved in the middle of the cliff.
You will be charmed by the view of the beach with the gentle waves, the white sand, the cliff, the scattered rocks, the sky, and the sun. This beach is also a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. You can do various beach activities, from swimming to sunbathing.

3. Uluwatu Temple

Hindu temples are everywhere in Bali, but the most famous one is Uluwatu Temple. This temple is unique because it is located on a rocky hill next to the ocean. It is built on the top of the cliff with 70 meters of height. You cannot miss the spectacular view of the Uluwatu temple with the Indian Ocean as its background during your Bali full day tour.
Bali has six most prominent temples called Sad Khayangan, and Uluwatu Temple is one. The best time to visit this temple is near sunset time because you can enjoy a magnificent ocean sunset view as the backdrop of the temple.
It is getting better since monkeys can also be found in the small forest around the temple. You do not have to go too far to meet the monkey in the famous Ubud Monkey Forest. Yet, it would help to treat the monkeys with respect because the Balinese believe they are protecting the temple from bad influences.

4. Kecak Dance Performance

The Kecak dance performance is a must when visiting Bali. Very famous, but the origin of this dance performance is not known for sure. However, Balinese people agree that Kecak was first developed into a performing art in Bona Village, Gianyar.
The music is made from a combination of sounds usually used for the sacred Sanghyang dance. Usually staged in temples only. However, the Kecak dance was developed by artists from the village of Bona in the early 1930s by taking the Ramayana story. He became a substitute for Sanghyang Dance. That is why dance can be brought out of the temple and made into a public performing art.
The Kecak dance performance does not take the whole story of the Ramayana. He only took part when Raja Ravana kidnapped Dewi Sita. Still, this show is worth watching as an extraordinary experience because there is a positive value in every story for life.

5. Jimbaran Seafood Dinner

What is better than enjoying a delicious feast after a day of exploration? Your trip will be closed with enjoying Jimbaran Seafood Dinner. The freshly grilled seafood will give a fun experience for your taste bud. The experience will improve since you will eat the seafood while watching the beautiful view of the sunset beach.
Jimbaran Bay faces the Indian Ocean, which has become the source of various seafood products. It is only 10 minutes away from Ngurah Rai international airport by car. The local government has applied a new system and management to ensure that Jimbaran seafood restaurants can offer luxury and impressive experiences for any visitor.
The seafood is grilled in the local Balinese style. However, you can also enjoy French Mediterranean-style seafood cuisine. You can find many seafood cafes on beach sand that stretch from Kedonganan in the north.
To order the food, you need to check the fresh food displayed in the front of the café. You can feel free to choose the items you want. It would help if you did not forget to ask the price before making an order. The café will cook your order on a large grill with fire from coconut fiber. While waiting for your grilled seafood to be served, you can enjoy the beach barbeque atmosphere that will end your Uluwatu tour beautifully.

Uluwatu Tour Itinerary:

11.00 AM Pick up at the hotel
11.30 AM Visit Melasti Beach
01.00 PM Lunch at Local Resto
02.00 PM Visit Padang – Padang Beach
04.00 PM Visit Uluwatu Temple
06.00 PM Watch Kecak Dance Performance
08.00 PM Enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach
09.30 PM Back to hotel