Bali is not only about Dreamland, Sanur, Seminyak, and Kuta. The island offers incredible destinations for all visitors, such as the unique Broken Beach Nusa Penida. There is a reason why this beach is called broken and it is related to the unique shape owned by the beach.

The beach has a unique formation. It looks more like a lake and it amazes so many visitors from around the world. People call it broken since the beach is surrounded by cliffs with a hole on one side of the cliff. The seawater can pass through that hole and create a unique pool that looks like a lake.

Location of the Famous Broken Beach Nusa Penida

This unique beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, Nusa Penida. To get to this beach, you need to take a fast boat from Sanur and land in Nusa Penida harbor. Fast boat’s ticket is just IDR 75,000 per person. In Nusa Penida, consider renting a scooter for your next trip to the beach.

It is super easy to find scooter rentals. To rent one of them, you only have to spend at least IDR 70,000 for one day. Be careful with the scooter since the roads in some areas around the island are not properly maintained. But the destination you’re going to see is worth your effort.

If you don’t want to rent a scooter, another option is booking a package from Nusa Penida Tour and Travel company. You’ll enjoy your adventure on the island with a more comfortable vehicle.

I will embed a map of the location of Broken Beach, to make it easier for you to find this place. Check out the map below so you don’t get lost:

What to Expect from The Unique Broken Beach?

Visitors will be able to see the beach from a cliff that is 50 to 200 meters high. The water at the beach down there comes from a hole under the cliff. The hole itself was formed by seawater abrasion for hundreds of years. It results in a natural bridge over the sea.

The seawater that is trapped in the middle of the cliffs looks super clear. The waves are also calm and don’t seem dangerous. Through the water, you’ll be able to see various marine animals. There are a lot of activities you can do during your visit to this beach.

Take selfies and a lot of landscape photos

Grab your camera and take your picture with Broken Beach Nusa Penida as the background. The gradation of the cliffs’ brownish color and the sea’s fresh blue color will shape a magnificent picture for your Instagram. The hollow cliff looking like a natural bridge will also look amazing as background.

Or, consider taking selfies with lush trees and open sea as your background. All spots at this beach can be an incredible background for your photos. Some couples even take pre-wedding photos at this unique beach.

Spot the rays and dolphins

From the cliff above, you will be able to spot some rays and dolphins. The cliff’s height is ideal and the water is totally clear so that you can see what’s in there. Dolphins swimming in the water under the cliff come from Dolphin Beach which is super close to this Broken Beach Nusa Penida.

If you are traveling with kids and interested in teaching them about the marina fauna, you need to consider taking them to this destination. Let your kids see the marine animals in their own habitats. This is going to help your kids grow some love and respect for nature.

Swimming at the sea under the cliffs

It is quite safe to swim in the sea under the cliffs. But there’s no easy way to get to the ocean down there. You need a guide who will help you access the beach and the sea easily. Experienced guides will advise you on how to ensure you swim safely, by renting a boat to reach it as there is no hiking trail access.

Track the cliffs and find hidden spots at Broken Beach

Another fantastic activity you can do while visiting Broken Beach Nusa Penida is trying to track the cliffs and exposing some hidden spots. This activity can be truly fun but you need to be really careful since some spots have thick grass and some other spots have some sharp corals.

Just like swimming at the sea, tracking the cliffs will be safer with a guide who knows the spots better than anyone else so he can show you the safer track. There are some hidden locations you need to reveal while visiting the beach. The guide is going to show you the hidden locations.

Those hidden spots will be an extraordinary background for your photos. If you don’t come with a guide, try to reveal those spots by yourself.

Enjoy sunset and sunrise at Broken Beach

Tourists’ favorite activity when visiting Broken Beach Nusa Penida is enjoying the sunset and sunrise. The high geographical location of this beach allows you to see the sun’s beauty clearly. Some tourists decide to build a tent and wait for the sunrise. Will you do the same?

In the afternoon, you can wait for the sun to go down while sunbathing. Can you imagine how romantic it will be when you wait for the sunset and sunrise with your partner?

Fresh coconut will be a perfect company

Beach is where you get fresh coconuts. Those coconuts are available at an affordable price and will be the most ideal company for your vacation in this Broken Beach Nusa Penida. Unfortunately, the food vendors you’ll find on this beach are not so much and some of them only offer snacks and noodles, no main courses.

Bring your own foods so that you and your family can get a unique lunch or dinner in this unique spot on the island. A picnic in the middle of nature will be the most memorable moment for the whole family, especially if you prepare your own food and bring it to the beach.

Other Nusa Penida Travel Tips

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Nusa Penida Private Driver Tour Packages

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So you have to be observant and smart in choosing a service that will take you to Nusa Penida so you don’t feel cheated and disappointed.

Because not all travel services provide the best service, therefore you must look for a tour service that is experienced in organizing your trip so that your tour runs smoothly according to your expectations.

Tourist Photos in Broken Beach

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