Many people know Nusa Penida because of its T-Rex Beach or Kelingking Beach. But Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is also a nice place you need to visit while spending your vacation in Nusa Penida. The island has an incredible coastline that will never fail to bring you back.

The coastline offers amazing viewpoints, plurals, from the towering cliffs’ top. From those cliffs, you can look down to the gorgeous blue waters. Many of the cliffs are looking down on beautiful but inaccessible beaches. But now, you can access those gorgeous beaches.

In the past, visitors could only enjoy the views of the beach from the top of cliffs since this beach was inaccessible. But a set of stairs have been carved into the cliff’s side wonderfully and unbelievably. Tourists can now climb down and enjoy the beautiful beach down there.

The Beauty of Nusa Penida’s Diamond Beach

The beach is now open for everyone. To reach this beach, you can use the stairway and in a few minutes, you’ll be reaching the bottom. Then you can witness the most amazing views. You can enjoy the tremendous views throughout the climb down and up.

How to Reach Diamond Beach

This Nusa Penida’s beach is easy to reach, either by motorbike or by car. However, since the roads are narrow and some cars drive so fast, tourists are less recommended to go to this beach and other Nusa Penida destinations by driving a motorbike.

Visit the beach by driving a scooter

However, find a rental scooter shop if you are still interested in reaching the beach on a scooter. There are many rental shops you can find along the Toya Pakeh harbor. To rent a scooter, you need to pay around IDR 70,000 for one day. This rental cost already includes a full tank of gas.

Make sure you always put on your helmet when riding on Nusa Penida roads. Some of the roads are not properly maintained and there are loose gravel and potholes in some areas.

Hire a driver to get to Diamond Beach

The safer way to reach the beach is by hiring a private driver who will take you to the beach in one piece. Many private drivers offer a full-day service so you can go wherever you want for only USD 40. Those private drivers can be found at the harbor area. You can also get one from the hotel.

Some hotels offer private driver service included in the package. When you’re going to book your hotel in Nusa Penida, check the hotel’s facilities and make sure it has private driver service so you can go anywhere you want in a much easier way.

Book a trusted Nusa Penida Tour

The best way to explore Nusa Penida Island and visit beautiful destinations like Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is by booking a tour package. This tour package includes various destinations you can visit in one day or several days. Book a tour to the East coast of Nusa Penida to visit the most gorgeous beaches.

Tour packages usually include lunch and pickup so you don’t need to worry about finding transportation to the beach and where to get food between the visits to adorable beaches.

Directions and Location of Diamond Beach

This incredible beach is located between two awesome locations: Atuh Beach and Rumah Pohon Treehouse. You can head to the east of Nusa Penida and visit three different destinations at once. The location of this beach is in Pejukutan, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali.

To enter the beach, every person needs to get a ticket. But the entrance fee is affordable, only IDR 10,000 (less than USD 1). And the parking fee is only IDR 5,000. To reach Diamond Beach Nusa Penida, every visitor needs to hike the cliff. Don’t worry, the hike difficulty is moderate.

The hike length is just 20 minutes each way. It is easier to hike now thanks to the amazing stairway created by local people.

To make it easier for you to find this beautiful place, I will attach a map to get there:

What You Will Find at The Beach

When you finally arrive at this Diamond Beach, you will find a wide path and a welcome sign. The sign shows you that you are at two different beaches at once. The entrance will be a simple booth. There, you can ask whatever you need to know about the beach and make donations for conservation efforts.

What else will you find in this gorgeous tourist destination? Here are some:

Unmarked stairs

These stairs are located 20 meters away from the welcome sign. The stairs are the only way for you to reach the beach. This is where you can get the very first glimpse of the hidden beach, along with beautiful palm trees and jaw dropping rock formations.

Magnificent views from the top of cliffs

When you reach the top of the cliffs, you are free to keep going and try to reach the beach or stop there for a while. If you finally decide to hike down and try to reach the beach, you are going to find some small stands or ‘warung’ and several swings along your way down.

swing activity on diamond beach

Those small stands offer mineral water, snacks, and noodles for tired hikers. Once you’re done recharging your power, you are ready to continue your adventure to the beach.

Amazing Diamond Beach Nusa Penida welcomes you

At the end of your hike, there will be lush palm trees and white sand ready to welcome you. The beach may be gorgeous and the blue water is inviting you. But don’t swim in the sea. Enjoy the beauty of the epic combination while relaxing under the sun.

swimming at diamond beach nusa penida

If you want to swim at this beach, you must visit the beach when it is in low tide. Always pay attention to the beach’s condition before you swim. The waves can be crazy and no lifeguard is standing by. If you are a super strong swimmer, you are allowed to swim.

diamond beach is very cool place

Wear your ample sunscreen if you are going to spend hours at this beach. There are only a few opportunities for shade so sunscreen is the only thing you can trust during your visit to this beach.

Ready to visit Diamond Beach Nusa Penida? Book your East Coast Nusa Penida Tour with Caneza Bali Tour. We’ll make sure you get the best experience in Nusa Penida.