When you go to Tembeling Beach in Nusa Penida Island, continue the trip to a specific place known as Banah Sunset Point. You should go there because it is one of the most popular destinations in Nusa Penida. It is also the reason why we include this place in our Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour. So, what makes this place is so inviting and attractive to explore?

Banah Sunset Point Unique Area

This area is a limestone cliff located in the middle of the beach known as Banah Beach. Only because it is a limestone cliff doesn’t mean that you can see rocks. Some parts of this area are covered by grass and trees. It makes the wind a bit calm at the top of the cliff. Imagine that you are about to visit a 200m high cliff.

One of the Best Viewpoints at Nusa Penida Island

Going to this cliff is one of the best ways to see Nusa Penida Island. Due to the height of the cliff, you can see most islands in Nusa Penida, including Manta Point and others. You can pick one of the cliffs and sit there to get the best view of the beach and islands.

Be careful when doing it since you are at the top of a cliff. Remember to bring your camera to capture the best spots, objects, or moments on this cliff. The surroundings can also be a fantastic photos or videos background.

One of the Best Photo Spots at Nusa Penida Island

Have you ever seen how many travelers share their photos while sitting on the rock of Banah Sunset Point? Indeed, it is easy to find because this area is one of the best photo spots at Nusa Penida Island. Most travelers even take a risk by sitting on a rock on the side of the cliff to get the best view and photo background. The grass and trees around the cliff are also attractive enough for a photo background.

Banah Sunset Point Challenging Track

People who love trekking should try visiting this area. The route to the cliff is challenging enough. The surrounding is still natural so you have to be careful while passing it. It takes about 1 hour from Kuyuk Harbor.

The time to achieve the location can be longer if it is your first time going this area. Due to the difficulty level, the track is a bit dangerous for beginners. Plus, you may get lost in the middle of the trip.

You would better go there with a professional tour guide. A professional tour guide directs you to the safest route so you can get to the area right away and safely. The faster you get to Banah Beach, the longer the time you have to enjoy the surroundings.

I will embed a location map to make it easier for you to get there, please click on the location below:

One of the Best Sunset View Points

If you love to enjoy the sunset moment, visiting Banah Beach and hiking to the top of the cliff is the best decision. The location is considered one of the best sunset viewpoints. The sunset looks amazing from the top of the cliff.

You can enjoy every second of the movement while capturing the moments on your camera until the sun goes down. It seems peaceful watching the wonderful sunset at the top of the cliff, along with the beautiful background.

Snorkeling at Banah Sunset Point Nusa Penida

You can go to Banah Beach while waiting for the sunset. The beach is one of the best snorkeling locations at Nusa Penida Island. You can even swim with Manta Ray on this beach. The underwater scenery is also mesmerizing. It looks so natural. It seems that you are visiting a new world once you swim underwater.

The Reason to Join Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour to Visit Banah Sunset Point

Joining Nusa Penida 3 Day Tour is a comfortable way to get to Banah Sunset Point and explore it. You don’t have to worry about getting lost and taking a long time to get to the location. Nusa Penida tour provides travelers with a professional tour guide and driver that knows all locations at Nusa Penida Island well.

You have more time to enjoy this area because you get to it right away. The most important thing is that you get to this place safely. Our guide knows what you can do and can’t do for your safety. Check the complete information about this tour to ensure that Banah Sunset Point is included on the destination list.