Nusa Penida will always be the most extraordinary island to visit. This island offers gorgeous destinations like the famous Teletubbies Hill. Many local couples did their pre-wedding photo session at this tourist destination. Teletubbies is a favorite TV show with four cute and colorful characters.

Teletubbies live on a beautiful hill. A similar hill can be found in Nusa Penida, Bali. If you plan to visit Indonesia, especially Nusa Penida, you need to add this tourist destination to your itinerary. Before flying to Indonesia, read these details about the famous Hill first.

Teletubbies Hill Precise Location in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida itself is an island located in the southeast part of Bali. It would help to take a ferry from central Bali Island to reach Nusa Penida Island. On the island, the famous home of Teletubbies is located in Tanglad, Klungkung. The Hill is on the east side of Nusa Penida Island.

The road that leads you to the Hill is much better today. All visitors can reach the Hill easily. What makes Teletubbies Hill unique is the 50 cm thick soil covering the Hill. The ground becomes the best home for grass. The grass makes the Hill similar to the one in TV shows.

How to Reach the Famous Nusa Penida Hill

To reach the Hill, you need to fly to Bali first. On the main island, go to Padang Bali harbor or Sanur harbor. From there, you can reach Nusa Penida Island. Once you get to the island, rent a scooter or private car with a driver to visit some destination in Nusa Penida, including the famous Hill.

The easiest way to visit Nusa Penida tourist destinations, including Teletubbies Hill, is by booking a Nusa Penida tour and travel package. A one-day or two-day tour package will quickly bring you to the best destinations in East Nusa Penida Tour.

No need to rent any scooter or private car. The tour company will pick you up and bring you to those destinations you want without hassle.

I will embed a map of the location of this place to make it easier for you to get there:

What to Know and Expect

When you are already on the Hill, you need to follow the road that is sealed with tar to start seeing the rolling green fields and the rounded peaks. The formations of this Teletubbies Hill look similar to Chocolate Hills located in Bohol, Philippines.

Before visiting the Hill, there are some things you better know first. Below are the crucial details you must keep in mind, as well as some stuff you better do when you’re visiting the Hill.

The Hill’s entrance fee

No entrance fee you will find at this tourist attraction. All visitors are allowed to roam at the Hill freely. Visit the Hill on an obvious day to be able to see the neighboring islands like Lombok. You can also see Mount Rinjani, the second biggest volcano in the country.

Cool view in teletubbies hill

The view of Teletubbies Hill from the ground is gorgeous. But it would help if you also considered enjoying the view from above. Carry it to the Hill and fly it around if you have a drone. You’ll see the valleys between hills terraced with food crops fields and random coconut palm trees clusters.

Explore the hills on foot

There are various ways you can consider exploring the incredible hills. But the best one is on your foot. Enjoy a short hike to get different perspectives of the gorgeous landscape from any nearby peak. If you have enough power, explore all heights you can reach.

The best time to visit the hills

Early morning is the best time for you to visit this Hill. You will be able to see the extraordinary sunrise. Or you can also visit the Hill late afternoon to witness the jaw-dropping sunset. Avoid visiting the Hill during midday since it can be too hot, and there is no shade around you to stay calm.

Teletubbies Hill isn’t the only gorgeous destination in the east part of Nusa Penida Island. You need to book your trip to the east coast of Nusa Penida with CanezaBaliTour. Then you’ll be able to visit the most beautiful beaches you will ever see.