Kelingking Beach or T-Rex Beach is one of the most famous Nusa Penida destinations. Only about 5 minutes away from that destination, there’s another fantastic destination named Paluang Cliff. The cliff offers a fantastic viewpoint from height as well as a temple.

Both the cliff and Kelingking Beach show the same view. But the angles and scenery will be different. After visiting Kelingking Beach, you better see this unique cliff at once. However, read some details below before booking a tour that will bring you to the ridge.

How to Reach the Jaw-Dropping Paluang Cliff

Many unique destinations are located on the east side of Nusa Penida. But there are also exotic beaches and cliffs on the west side of this island. If you are interested in exploring the island’s west side, renting a scooter will be a fantastic way to start.

paluang cliff the coolest place to see kelingking beach

The scooter is going to bring you anywhere you want. But be careful since the road may be rough, and there may be some dangerous spots if you ride the scooter too fast. Another alternative, the better and safer one, is exploring the island with a Nusa Penida tour package.

The Tour package includes some destinations on the west coast of Nusa Penida. You’ll have enough time to explore various destinations in one day or two.

I will embed a map of the location of this place to make it easier for you to get there:

What You Can Expect When Exploring Paluang Cliff

This cliff is actually located on the island’s southwest. It is close to Kelingking Beach, only five minutes away. When you come to the cliff, there are some things you can expect. Here are some of them.

The best place where you can get the perfect sunset

The cliff is the best place where everyone can find a perfect sunset at the end of the day. The magnificent scenery you are about to see is the sun setting and staining the beautiful sky with red and golden colors. The frame doesn’t limit and will never fail to impress you.

Since the location of this cliff is at the island’s southwest, this cliff becomes the perfect spot to watch the sunset. So many people would love to hike up this cliff to get the best evening ever. Though there will be many people at the cliff, there is enough space for everyone to see the beauty of mother nature.

Don’t visit if you have acrophobia.

Paluang Cliff is not the best destination if you have acrophobia. This cliff offers a hiking trail on a narrow steep. But that’s not the only big deal. Upon the cliff, there is uneven and little space as well. Though the ridge offers a fantastic view, not everyone is willing to come up there.

And if you are one of those people who have acrophobia, you should consider finding other gorgeous destinations that are safer for you.

You’ll find the most breathtaking view up there.

Like many other places on the island, Paluang Cliff also offers a breathtaking view for all visitors who can reach the top of the cliff. The beauty of rock formation, water, and sky comes in one beautiful picture. This cliff is like Kelingking Beach’s eagle eye since they are located in one area.

The only difference between this cliff and Kelingking Beach is the elevation. The pictures you take up there will be the fascinating ones. Share them on your Instagram account to show how mighty this earth is.

Visit Pura Paluang at once

When you’re done visiting Paluang Cliff, consider visiting Pura Paluang or Paluang temple close to this cliff. It is a Hindu temple that shows you a unique concept. The temple has automobiles that function as shrines. The temple’s official name is Pura Karang Dawa.

Paluang temple cliff point

That name is from the temple’s location in Karang Dawa, Bunga Mekar Village. If you finally decide to visit this temple, keep your manners since this is a unique and meaningful place for all villagers.

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