As a kid, you used to have this dream to live in a treehouse. This isn’t just a dream anymore. Simply
visit Nusa Penida Treehouse and stay there for a couple of days and your dream will come true. This
tourist destination is known as Rumah Pohon in Bahasa Indonesia which means Treehouse.
The Treehouse is a part of another tourist destination on Nusa Penida Island. You can find the
Treehouse from Thousand Island’s viewpoint. Besides, this tourist destination is located close to
Atuh Beach is another famous destination you obviously have to visit.

Location of The Famous Nusa Penida Treehouse

Treehouse is not just a tourist destination. It is also an Airbnb where you can stay for a couple of days
and enjoy the beauty of Thousand Island. There are three different tree houses available for rent and
all of them offer the most gorgeous view of the sea and cliffs and the other parts of mother nature.
Rumah Pohon (Treehouse) is located on the east side of the island. The roads that lead you to this
location are quickly improving so you can safely ride a scooter to reach this destination. Or you can
use Nusa Penida Tour Service to get you to the tourist destination more safely.
If you still want to ride a scooter, the scooter rental fee is IDR 85,000 excluding petrol.
This cost is higher compared to the scooter rental cost in Kuta or Canggu.

The Three Options of Nusa Penida Treehouse

If you have the privilege to choose one of the three treehouses available, which one do you
prefer? Whether you’re going to stay in one of those treehouses or just want to take some
extraordinary photos for your Instagram account, make sure you know the quality of each treehouse.
To help you make the best decision, you’ll find some details about the three treehouses available.
Choose a treehouse that has much better views.

  1. The farthest treehouse
    This one is the most famous one, especially on Instagram. It is considered the best treehouse
    since it gives you the best view compared to the other two houses. Unfortunately, this is also the most
    famous spot. If you decide to stay in this treehouse, be prepared for tourists accessing your balcony.
    Those tourists are going to climb up to your Nusa Penida Treehouse and take photos all day, from
    the morning to sunset. If you are okay with this privacy matter, take this house and forget the others.
    The sunrise from this treehouse is the best and the most precious one.
  2. The middle treehouse
    The second choice is this second treehouse. This is the simplest option. Its balcony is not completed
    with seats. The balcony itself only faces one way. Besides, this treehouse seems like the smallest one
    compared to the others. This treehouse should be your last option.
  3. The closest treehouse
    The last Nusa Penida Treehouse is the one that is closest to the stairs. This one has a bigger space on
    the balcony that is wrapping around the house. This treehouse offers water views on both sides of the
    cliffs surrounding the building.
    If you want better views with fewer people taking photos on the balcony, consider choosing this
    the treehouse that has a bigger position and porch.

Amenities You’ll Find at Rumah Pohon

Every house here is equipped with the most basic amenities. Double beds can be found in each
treehouse. If you are traveling with your partner, both of you must snuggle in there. Nusa Penida
Treehouse is also equipped with two pillows, two blankets, and two towels.
There is also a table, a light, and a fan inside every single treehouse. Some outlets, some hooks, and
windows are the other things you’ll find in the treehouse. And there will be some decorations on the
wall but that’s it. One of the treehouses has a small patio with a bench that can accommodate two
The treehouse doesn’t have WiFi which means you will truly return to nature.

Climb Down the House to Find the Shared Bathrooms

Nusa Penida Treehouse is not a five star hotel where you can find a spacious room with a private
bathroom attached to every single room. None of the treehouses is attached to any private bathroom.
The bathrooms available are shared bathrooms, 200 meters down the cliff.
Many bathrooms in Indonesia have squat toilets. But don’t worry, the shared bathrooms close to the
treehouse don’t have squat toilets. For those who stay in the treehouses, there is a special toilet that
has a shower with room temperature water. The special toilet also has toilet paper.
Unfortunately, there is no soap and shampoo so if you need to wash your body and hair, you need to
use your own soap and shampoo.

Tips to Stay Nusa Penida Treehouse

If you really want to visit the Treehouse and stay there for a couple of days, you need to visit when the
moon is half fool. Fool moon is even the best time to stay. This way, you will be able to enjoy the
gorgeous view at night since the moon is going to illuminate the water and cliffs and it’s awesome.
Here are the other tips if you want to stay in the treehouse:

  • Take a lot of photos right at sunrise. This is going to help you get photos of Nusa Penida
    Treehouse in the right light. Another best time to take photos is in the afternoon when there is
    softer light. Don’t forget to capture the sunset when the sun dips right behind the cliff.
  • Don’t leave your stuff in your treehouse when you are going outside. Keep everything with
    you since people are going to ‘visit’ your treehouse and you don’t want something to be

Staying in the treehouse can be exciting but if you don’t have a chance to do so, you can still visit the
treehouse with the right tour and travel company.

To enjoy the beauty of nature from Nusa Penida Treehouse, you need to book a tour package with
CanezaBaliTour first. Let the guide show you the beauty of Thousand Island from the cliff where the
treehouse is standing firm.